E3 2008: Media: Many Mega Man 9 Gameplay Videos, Plus Producer Interview

GameTrailers has caught up with the Producer of the upcoming Mega Man 9, Hironobu Takeshita, who discusses the direction they wanted to go in with Mega Man 9, including the use of 8-bit as an art style choice, rather than a “generation”-influenced decision.

In addition, IGN has several off-screen videos of gameplay, showing us all sorts of wonderful obstacles and how they may kill us.

A slight variation of the Pipi (“Bomb Bird”) enemies from Mega Man 2:

These elephant midbosses may just blow you away:

Watch out for those blocks that have the pegs facing you:

You’re not playing it right if you don’t jump through the doors:

Spikes plus disappearing blocks plus new Telly-like enemies equals a lot of dyin’ and retryin’:

And finally, yet more disappearing blocks: