E3 2008: Igarashi: Fans’ Judgement of Wii Castlevania “Unjustified”

To your right, you will see an ironic depiction of the reaction had by many fans upon learning what was to be Castlevania Judgement for the Wii when revealed in the pages of Nintendo Power last month.

Koji Igarashi, the series’ Producer, told MTV Multiplayer “I had expectations about the kind of reaction,” as he figured upon a mixed response.

“When you have a franchise like this, that’s become popular in a certain type of game style and you change that so drastically, I understand the responses is going to be negative,” he said. “I also felt a lot of the response was, I guess, unjustified in the sense that they based their [response] on just hearing about it or maybe seeing a couple of screen shots and making a whole assumption.”

Not I, however! My reaction comes from expecting everyone to question my sexuality should they find the game in my collection.