E3 2007: Golden Axe Fact Sheet

About “Golden Axe”

“Golden Axe” makes its debut in the SEGA Vintage Collection on Xbox LIVE® Arcade Marketplace. “Golden Axe” on Xbox LIVE Arcade is taken directly from the original 1989 arcade smash hit, in which three mighty heroes have a score to settle with the evil Death Adder. As a powerful fighter, a female amazon or a mighty dwarf, players will fight through Adder’s henchman with weapon and magic attacks, or ride the fearsome — and even enlist the aid of — fire-breathing beasts. Gamers can also play head-to-head or in co-op mode over Xbox LIVE and relive the sword swinging days of the original arcade experience.

About SEGA Vintage Collection on Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace

The SEGA Vintage Collection brings several all-time favorites from SEGA’s long and storied history to Xbox LIVE Arcade. These are the games players grew up with, and now they can experience them once again in new HD glory. This summer the SEGA Vintage Collection library will offer two of the most popular SEGA classics ever on Xbox LIVE Arcade: “Sonic The Hedgehog” and “Golden Axe.”

Game Features

• “Golden Axe” offers enhanced graphics and sound for a full experience that is true to the original classic but takes full advantage of the HD capabilities of Xbox LIVE Arcade.
• Xbox LIVE Arcade features leaderboards where gamers can compare scores among friends and the rest of the Xbox LIVE world.
• Players can take advantage of the online multiplayer modes to play two-player “Golden Axe” with a friend at home or with anyone online with an Xbox LIVE Gold account.

How Much Does “Golden Axe” Cost?

“Golden Axe” will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 400 Microsoft® Points.

What Is “Golden Axe” Rated?

“Golden Axe” is rated T for Teen (Blood, Fantasy Violence) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

When Will “Golden Axe” Be Available?

“Golden Axe” will be available for download worldwide on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 10 p.m. PDT.