E3 2007: Disney to Offer all Future Films over Xbox Live

During its E3 conference, Microsoft announced that it has reached an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to immediately release a rather large group of feature films over the Xbox Live Marketplace. Movies that will be available include:

• Meet the Robinsons
• Multiple Winnie the Pooh movies
• Tarzan
• Hercules
• The Hunchback of Notre dam
• Atlantis: Lost Emprire
• Emporer’s New Groove
• Armageddon
• Sky High
• The Waterboy
• Bad Company
• Unbreakable
• The Brothers Grimm
• Bringing Down the House
• Coyote Ugly
• Dejavu
• Primeval
• The Queen
• Venus

Each film will be available in stunning high-definition across the United States as well as in Canada and Europe. Further driving the announcement, the company announced that all future Disney films will be made available via the Marketplace. Stay tuned for much more.