Dynasty Warriors

Take a step in the past of Chinese history. You’ll see that the Three Kingdom history was a remarkable event in China. Maybe that’s why Koei decided to make a game based on it.

Ever since I layed my hands on the series, I’ve always been a fan of the Dynasty Warriors games. What makes it fun for me is that you can tackle through 100’s of soldiers with a horse. What made the PS2 version also fun was the mass amount of characters there are in the game.

The PSP version packs as much characters as the PS2 version would have. There are a total of 42 generals to choose from. The game also pretty much keeps the whole system the same with two exception. There is now a map on the right side of your screen. This feature could help quite a bit, but this also means that the actual game screen size is reduced. However, the map can be helpful by showing you where the main general is or where the enemies are so you can ambush them.

The second thing that is different from the console version is the maps are now smaller. Seeing as how the PS2 is slightly more powerful and is on a dvd, the game stages has to be reduced. This probably won’t be a big deal since the game is already big.

You can expect to see the US version coming out when the PSP launches, if not very close to that date. If the game is as good as the previous versions, I’m sure that this game would be a huge hit.