Duke Togo Returns in Golgo 13 for Nintendo DS

We normally don’t deal in scans here, except on the rare, special occassion, and I think this one qualifies.

Thanks to Famitsu scans from Wii @ Everyday via GoNintendo, it appears that the baddest assassin to ever grace the NES is finally back in action.

For those unfamiliar, the character as described by Wikipedia:

Duke Togo is a professional assassin. His age and birthplace are unknown and there is no consensus in the worldwide intelligence community as to his true identity. Most of his jobs are completed through the use of a customized, scoped M16 rifle.

He stars in a long-running adult manga, some volumes of which have been published in English by VIZ Media, and starred in two NES games (and a Japan-only arcade game) by Vik Tokai, whose US branch was shut down many years ago. In a sense, these were probably some of the earliest “adult” video games that didn’t involve something like a naked General Custer taking advantage of locals tied to a cactus. And as such, I think I might have been just a little too young to fully appreciate them at the time (Sex? On my NES? It’s more likely than you think). I had fun watching my dad play, however.

Without Vik Tokai translating and publishing video games in the US these days, it’s hard to say whether or not this new title will make it to North America, and if so, who will do the honors of localization.

With any luck, though, perhaps this means that the NES originals, Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode and The Mafat Conspiracy, will have a chance to come to the Virtual Console.

And if any news comes up regarding either matter, rest assured we’ll let you know. In the meantime, for those who do remember Togo, you can admire this cool figure that’s coming out.