Duke Nukem Trilogy Being Brought to DS, PSP

In a laugh-worthy twist of fate, Apogee is returning to their former publishing glory by bringing a brand new trilogy of Duke Nukem games to the DS and PSP and with near certainty they will beat Duke Nukem Forever to the market.

They are touting the titles as episodes in the trilogy, their names being: Critical Mass, Chain Reaction, and Proving Grounds. Though the press release was scant on details, their website revealed more info about the upcoming titles.

Features include:

-9 Different World Locations
-36 Action-Packed Levels
-3D Accelerated Graphics
-3D Characters with Detailed Textures
-Real-Time Particle and Lighting Effects
-Multimode Play with up to 5 Different Styles of Game Play Action
-Multiplayer Action
-Total Ass-Kicking Weapons

Apogee also was sure to say that the story across both platforms would be similar, but the game would play to each handheld’s strengths.

Surprise E3 announcement #1 out of the way. Look for more today.

That rhymed.