Duke Nukem Forever Developer Hints at Major Announcement

While the infinitely delayed Duke Nukem Forever PC game looks to stay that way for the time being, developer 3D Realms looks to be hard at work on at least one other major project planned for the near future.

Speaking to Gamasutra, 3D Realms Creative Director Raphael Van Lierop revealed plans to “have a big announcement coming in the next four weeks.” Possible announcements include a new title in the Max Payne or Prey franchises, as well as a potential second announcement within the next four to six months. It’s currently unknown as to what system the mystery title may land on.

Lierop provided just a small nugget of info for those still hoping to see Duke Nukem Forever in stores before the decade’s end. “I’ve seen it. I’ve played it. And I really believe that when it does come out people won’t be disappointed.”