DS Lite at Foot Locker 3-on-3 Tour

What goes together better than summer and basketball? Nintendo is hoping that your answer will be “DS Lite games,” especially after you sample the sleek handheld console at the second annual Foot Locker 3on3 Tour. At this event, which will hit selected U.S. cities throughout the summer, players can join in teams to hit the black top and compete in fast-paced, rapid-fire basketball matches in an elimination-style tournament. The ultimate prize is to play for the national championship, to be held at Madison Square Garden.

Nintendo will be taking this opportunity to showcase the DS Lite at the tour. Staff members in blue DS Lite shirts will have games available to try out for free, including New Super Mario Bros, Tetris DS, and Mario Kart DS.

Having already hit Miami and Atlanta, the tour will show up next in Baltimore on July 29, and will appear in the following cities:

Aug. 5 – Philadelphia

Aug. 12 – Indianapolis

Aug. 19 – Cleveland

Aug. 26 – Houston

Sept. 2 – Chicago

The national championship at Madison Square Garden will take place in the fall.

So while you’re out enjoying some of the most exciting amateur basketball around, make sure to try out some other great games, Nintendo DS Lite style.