Dragon Quest IV DS to Establish North American Chapter

Dragon Quest is monstrously successful. Its cartoony world and traditional RPG gameplay send millions of Japanese gamers into a frenzy each time a new Dragon Quest hits the shelves. But what happens when Square Enix removes some of the sheen from the series by releasing Nintendo DS remakes of older titles? Apparently nothing, because Square Enix made truckloads of yen off Dragon Quest IV DS’ Japanese release.

It only follows, then, that Square Enix would recognize a good thing and, naturally, they’d be forced to milk it relentlessly. But in this case, they’ve discovered a golden udder of sorts, because this milk stays sweet no matter how many times you partake of it. And now it’s coming to America in the form of Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of The Chosen. Today, the title received an ESRB rating of E 10+ — not an official confirmation from Square Enix, but about as close as we can get without their involvement.

Personally, I’m excited. Between this and Final Fantasy IV, I won’t be at a lack for old school RPG remakes. I can’t help but wonder, though; when will we ever see Dragon Quest IX? Oh well, Square Enix certainly could’ve come up with worse ways to keep us distracted.