Dragon Age Inquisition: Guide to multiplayer class unlocking and crafting tier armor

Just takes a little luck or a lot of time

Right off the bat, Dragon Age Inquisition offers three classes in its multiplayer. There are three types of classes and the starters cover all those bases – warrior, rogue, and mage.  While these three classes are completely viable in every way possible, they are only 1/4 of the whole picture. While the 12 classes in total all fall under either warrior, rogue, or mage – they are all differently specialized and play completely differently from one another. I’ve said it before, but you’re going to want to find one of each of the thee class types to have so you can switch between matches depending on the needs of your team.

How are these other classes unlocked though? There are two ways. One requires some hardcore luck and the other is guaranteed after sufficient time. Both ways involve you opening chests between matches. Every 1200 coins (which you receive by running multiplayer missions), you can open a large chest in the Store located in multiplayer. The contents of this chest offers various goodies – half potions and half weapons. There is a chance you’ll unlock a class armor through this process. In DAI multiplayer, armor is the class. If this happens, consider yourself pretty lucky. This is the first way to unlock a class.

DAI Salvage

The second way involves these weapons and armor you also get from a chest. The majority of the time these weapons are going to be pretty terrible. While that seems bad, these s#!% tier weapons become the fuel for crafting armor for a new class. Any weapon that isn’t the starting weapons for each class can be salvaged. Through salvaging, you gain raw materials. The three categories are cloth, leather, and metal. Each of these three have several types under them like obsidian and iron for example under metals.  When you first start you are going to have to salvage a whole bunch of weapons to be able to craft your first class. It always seems like there is one piece you’re missing.

Crafting armor for multiplayer classes can be found under the ‘Crafting’ tab in multiplayer. Once on that screen you’ll want to ‘Craft Armor.’ Now you’ll see sliding screen of the twelve classes in the game. In the bottom right you’ll see four hexagons with  a picture and a number. If the hexagon is white that means you meet the requirements and red means you do not. Once they are all white you can go to each hexagon and put raw materials in the matching requirements to craft that armor/class

DAi Salvage Stuff

This is where it gets a bit sensitive and confusing. While the armor may ask for 5 metal, this means 5 of the same type of metal even though you can use any metal you have 5 of. The creation of class armor allows you to use whatever materials you want and the results don’t change. Thus, you’re generally going to want to use the materials you have in abundance like I always seem to have an endless supply of iron. So if the armor requires 5 metal I can use some 5 of my 56 iron or 5 of my 7 obsidian – use the iron since it doesn’t impact the quality of the armor. Fill in all four hexagons and you got yourself a new class.

Now let’s talk tiers of armor. Let’s call the armor you just made to unlock a class Tier 1. But now you’ll notice 4 new armors you can craft for that same class. Three of them have the original armor you just crafted name with parentheses. For instance, the archer’s normal armor is called Archer’s Tunic. One of the parentheses armor is Archer’s Tunic (Flint). I call this Tier 1.5. The armor rating is slightly higher and the color is different. These armors exist to customize your look slightly while improving stats slightly. Tier 2 is the other archer armor not named Archer’s Tunic. For the archer, this is called Peerless Archer’s Tunic, it should be noted that armors looks different that Tier 1. And like Tier 1.5, there is a Tier 2.5 which can be found in parentheses which will raise your armor slightly and change your color.    

DAI Crafting Multiplayer Armor

It should also be mentioned that chests purchased with gold can also drop Tier 1.5, armors after you have unlocked Tier 1 for that class. This trend carries over to Tier 2 and Tier 2.5 after the previous Tier has been unlocked for that class. That is the process in a nut shell. If you’re unlucky with chest drops, know that you can unlock any armor through crafting. It will take a lot of gameplay and salvaging, but I find it comforting knowing it is not just dependent on the RNG god’s favor. Best of luck! Reply or Tweet me any further questions!