Dr. David’s Indie Roundup: Super Time Force, Soul Saga, PSN Play 2013, and more

It seems you can't go a week without some awesome new independently developed titles surfacing. That's because there's always bound to be someone with a small team and huge ideas ready to crank out a hit. This week on the Indie Spotlight we take a look at some cool crowdfunding projects, Sony's Play 2013 promotion, a cool new E3 indie movement, and more. Seriously, it's always a great time to be a fan of the smaller studios. Now, let's move on and talk indie games!

Gods Will Be Watching forces you to make tough decisions

Games are often fun, but we've reached an age where rather than focusing on pure joy, experimental titles push you to actually meditate. Gods Will Be Watching is all about being in tough predicaments and making even tougher decisions. After debuting the project as a 72-hour jam at Ludum Dare, developer Deconstructeam is ready to turn this idea into a full release. The studio is looking at over 10 hours of point-and-click gameplay rooted in “hard decisions and moral dilemmas to survive.” Check out the trailer above for more on the game.

You can support Gods Will Watching on Indiegogo.

Indies Crash E3 continues the indie movement at the massive trade show


Indie games have established quite a positive reputation at E3. IndieCade has a strong presence there, Sony showcases titles by smaller devs at its pressers and on the show floor, and some teams even raise the funds to have their own booths. Indies Crash E3, a campaign started by SemiFormal Studios, is all about giving underdog devs a shot at showcasing their content at E3. At this year's show, the campaign helped 10 studios attend, and the top vote out of these companies was personally flown out to Los Angeles by Indies Crash E3. As expected, the focus on E3 2014 has already begun, and SemiFormal is looking to help out another group of devs.

SemiFormal is currently working on Ensemble Online, which you can pre-order to help both the studio and Indies Crash E3.

PSN Play 2013 has some sweet-looking indie titles in the pipeline

It's no secret that people are stoked about DuckTales: Remastered, but there's no denying that three equally rad-looking titles are being promoted alongside of it for Sony's Play 2013 summer promotion. Those three indie games are Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (previously Stealth Bastard Deluxe), Cloudberry Kingdom, and ibb & obb. Aside from the actual games, you also get some PlayStation Store credit depending on what you purchase. The more games you buy, the more credit you get, which means more gaming goodness in the long haul.

For pricing and launch details, check out the PlayStation Blog.

Soul Saga has surpassed its Kickstarter goals

Soul Saga

Developer Disastercake's Kickstarter hopes have been accomplished, and the upcoming Soul Saga has been funded. The game is a throwback to classic JRPGs of the PSOne era and takes influence from iconic franchises like Final Fantasy and Suikoden. The game hit its Kickstarter goal of $60,000 and went on to reach a whopping $195,528. Yay for stretch goal goodies! Soul Saga has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, Vita, Wii U, and PC.

If you dig it, give the game your vote on Steam Greenlight.

New Super Time Force trailer is all kinds of entertaining

Explosions! Chaos! Bullets! Rewind! Do it all over again! That's a rough description of the latest trailer for Super Time Force from Capy. If you have even the slightest interest in this game (and you should definitely be interested), check out these six glorious minutes of kick-ass gameplay. If you're just hearing about it now, well, you now have another crazy thing to look forward to. The game is due out on Xbox Live Arcade in 2013.

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