Dr. David’s Indie Roundup: FTL, Goat Simulator, Monument Valley, and more

If you think you're busy playing Fez, Towerfall Ascension, and Nom Nom Galaxy, you're in store for even more awesomeness, because a number of new indie titles have just released over the last few weeks. This time on the Indie Roundup, we're taking a look at several rad releases for the PlayStation Network, PC, and iOS. Plus we revisit the latest indie game reviews on GameZone.

So, let's talk indie games!

EarthBound-inspired Boot Hill Heroes rides off into the PlayStation Mobile sunset

Boot Hill Heroes

Experimental Gamer's EarthBound-influenced spaghetti Western RPG Boot Hill Heroes has finally arrived after a three-year development cycle. The game is available now on PlayStation Mobile, offering all kinds of Wild West chicanery for fans of both the subject matter and old school RPGs.

Boot Hill Heroes features quirky characters, crazy action, and colorful environments. Additionally, an extra chapter exclusive to PlayStation devices titled The Hangman's Ballad brings more encounters, weapons, and bosses to the game.

Aside from all of the RPG action and pixelated goodness, the game also boasts a soundtrack from Jake “virt” Kaufman. Considering his strong resume includes work on games like Mighty Switch Force, Double Dragon Neon, and Retro City Rampage, that's exciting news for fans. More virt is never a bad thing!

You can download Boot Hill Heroes for $7.49. If you'd like to see the game on Steam, give it a vote on Greenlight.

FTL: Advanced Edition heads to space for adventure, iOS version out now

FTL: Advanced Edition

If you've been thinking of revisiting 2012's FTL: Faster Than Light — or if you've shamefully never played it — now's the perfect time to do just that. Subset Games recently updated the game with new ships, weapons, and drones. FTL: Advanced Edition also includes a new difficulty — as if the game wasn't already brutal enough.

In addition to the updated PC version, FTL is also now available on iOS platforms. It seems like a perfect fit, really, and it's great to see the game's brand of interplanetary roguelike gameplay going the portable route and reaching a wider audience. It should be noted, however, that the iOS version of FTL is only playable on iPad 2 or newer.

Advanced Edition comes as a free update to anyone who owns the main game, regardless of which digital retailer you purchased the game through. The game is available for $9.99 on both PC and iOS.

Goat Simulator is exactly what it sounds like

Goat Simulator

Ever wanted to be a goat? Of course you have, because everyone has! If you haven't, then take your ugly childhood issues elsewhere. Anyway, Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios is out now, which means you can unleash all manner of goat-flavored mayhem onto the world.

The game has already received a nice amount of praise for its open world physics-based gameplay. I mean, how many games let you be a disastrous goat? One: Goat Simulator. Okay, technically the awesome Escape Goat 2 lets you be a crazy goat, too, but this is a different type of goat game that's great for its own reasons.

If you're feeling especially mischievous, check out Goat Simulator on Steam for $9.99.

Mercenary Kings shoots sh*t up on the PlayStation 4

Mercenary Kings

Tribute Games' highly anticipated 2D shooter Mercenary Kings has officially dropped on the PlayStation 4. Following its Steam launch, the customization-heavy action game brings its brand of gunplay to the PlayStation Network for more folks to enjoy.

With over 300 weapon parts, Mercenary Kings features countless possibilities for death and destruction. You can take the game on alone or with a friend. Hell, you can take it on with up to three other friends if you so desire, adding a bit of 2D Borderlands-ness to the game. Mercenary Kings supports both local and online co-op, so you never have to be alone … unless you want to, which is totally fine, too.

You can download the game on the PlayStation Network for $19.99, though PlayStation Plus subscribers can snag it for free. You can also purchase it on Steam.

Monument Valley brings its lovely art, music, and puzzles to mobile platforms

Monument Valley

Every once in a while we get an iOS title that looks and feels truly special. Such is the case with Monument Valley from ustwo. The game puts you in the shoes of a “silent princess,” and it's up to you to climb several towers by manipulating their architecture and solving their puzzles.

Influenced by Fez and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Monument Valley manages to feel like its own thing even despite the M.C. Escher-like appeal. The game features a beautiful art style filled with subdued hues and intriguing levels. Interestingly, the music is affected by your actions, so triggering different events in the environments will have a direct impact on the music.

Monument Valley is available now on iOS platforms for $3.99. The game will be “coming soon” to Android devices, as well. Check out the trailer below.

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