Dr. David’s indie roundup: Fez, BattleBlock Theater, Triad and more

Quite a bit of notable news has surfaced within the indie gaming spectrum this week. We’ve got new titles on the PC and mobile platforms. An intriguing new freeware download has been released by the creator of the incredible Mighty Jill Off. There are also some cool games to look forward to. So I’m just going to cut this introductory paragraph short (Take that fourth wall of writing!) and get on with it. Let’s talk indie games!

Ascent of Kings adventures across mobile platforms

Ascent of Kings

Previously released on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points, Ascent of Kings from developer Nostastic Software is now available on mobile devices for 99 cents. The game features a quirky, colorful art style and Metroidvania gameplay. It’s not very long, but Ascent of Kings is still a worthwhile XBLIG title, and now you can take it with you on the go.

You can check the game out on iOS and Android platforms through the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

BattleBlock Theater crashes onto Xbox Live Arcade next month

As awesome and revered as Castle Crashers may be, it’s obvious that The Behemoth doesn’t want that stellar game to be its sole success this console generation. That’s why it’s exciting that the upcoming BattleBlock Theater has been confirmed for an April 3 launch on Xbox Live Arcade. The game will deliver its brand of “co-optional” platforming action for 1200 Microsoft Points. Also, cats. Yay cats! Check out the enjoyably humorous trailer for BattleBlock Theater and get hype! Really, get all the hype!

Cart Life brings sorrowful street vendor simulation to Steam

Cart Life

The life of a cart merchant isn’t glamorous. These folks’ places of business don’t tower over rich cities lined with diamonds. There’s no massive office with a huge window and a view of the skyline. Cart Life tells a different kind of story about different kinds of businessmen. This indie title from Richard Hofmeier puts you in the shoes of multiple street vendors as they deal with purchasing expensive permits (or risk getting by without one) and their own personal vices, all as they attempt to run a business in a small US city.

The game is available now on Steam for $4.99, though its launch week sale means you can get it for $3.49.

Fez takes its cool hat to Steam next month, may hit up other platforms


One of the most puzzling Xbox Live Arcade Games is now making its way to Steam. Developer Phil Fish of Polytron Corporation recently announced that Fez would be available on the PC download retailer on May 1. In addition to Steam, the mind-bending platformer is also being planned for iOS, Ouya, Mac, and Linux. If all goes as planned, Vita owners will also get a chance to play Fez. Sadly, Fish has no intention of releasing the game on the 3DS. Still, this is great news overall, and it’ll allow even more individuals to enjoy this crazy puzzle-platformer.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams brings the punishment on XBLA, PSN

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

If you’ve been holding off on playing the PC version of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams from Black Forest Games, you’ll be glad to know that the wait is just about over. The game looks incredibly challenging and curiously tricky. It’s also quite pretty. Well, except for that monster at the end of the launch trailer. Okay, okay, it’s pretty, too. Giana Sisters is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points, and it’ll land on the PlayStation Network soon for $14.99.

Incredipede brings multi-legged physics to Steam


Aside from the fact that Northway GamesIncredipede is just freakin’ lovely to stare at, it also looks really interesting from a gameplay perspective. You control a little critter named Quozzle who has the ability to spawn multiple legs as she traverses lush locales in search of her sisters. The new Steam version of Incredipede features 60 new levels for players to get immersed in and achievements for completionists to fish out. The game, regularly priced at $14.99, is available for $9.99 for a limited time.

Check it out on Steam.

Triad reveals the harsh realities of three people sleeping in one bed


What happens when three people share a bed? Well, aside from many individuals’ fantasies being fulfilled, it can be a total mess. I mean, where does everyone go? Oh, and what about that damn cat that keeps intruding and landing on faces? Anna Anthropy, who previously released Mighty Jill Off, teamed up with Leon Arnott to release this (somewhat sexualized?) Tetris-ish pixelated people puzzler. It’s free to download, which makes it even more enticing to check out — just in case that adorably pesky cat wasn’t reason enough to make you want to play it.

Threesomes, cats, and puzzles are all free to download in Triad.

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