Dr. David’s Indie Roundup: Costume Quest 2, Nom Nom Galaxy, TowerFall, and more

It's all about upcoming games and new releases on this edition of the Indie Roundup. We've got remakes, sequels, ports, and new titles, all of which are quite exciting. Surprisingly, the games highlighted here are from developers that have already garnered positive reputations within the gaming community. We've got the latest from Home developer Benjamin Rivers, Double Fine, and Q-Games to name a few, and it all looks pretty damn great.

So let's take a look at some cool new titles and talk indie games!

Alone With You from Benjamin Rivers is all about robot love

Alone With You

Well, this is a weird one. But hey, weird games tend to be pretty interesting a lot of the time, and Alone With You is no exception. In development by Home creator Benjamin Rivers, this upcoming exploration game tells the story of an intergalactic explorer who's left entirely abandoned following a terraforming mission gone wrong.

Your only companion is your ship's AI system, and that's when this game gets blissfully bizarre. Rivers describes Alone With You as a “unique approach to romance.” That can only mean one thing: robo-love! In all seriousness, it's definitely an intriguing narrative direction to go in. This is especially true considering the fact that the main character is gender neutral, so it should be interesting for players to put themselves at the center of this sci-fi romance adventure.

Major details are currently under wraps, but Alone With You will be showcased at this year's GDC. For a glimpse of the game, check out the trailer below.

Time to get dat candy: Costume Quest 2 revealed

Costume Quest 2

Double Fine Productions isn't exactly known for turning out a bunch of sequels. That said, it's awesome to know that the studio intends to release a follow-up to one of its most joyously endearing titles. Costume Quest 2 sees the return of the trick-or-treating twins Wren and Reynold as they face yet another adventure in Auburn Pines

Major details surrounding the game have yet to be disclosed by Double Fine or publisher Midnight City. We do, however, know that the game will boast more costumes and an enhanced battle system. In addition, the game is set to hit consoles and PC sometime around Halloween this year.

Check out the awesome trailer for Costume Quest 2 below. If you're anything like me, it'll probably make you want to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on candy.

Frog Fractions 2 is now making calculations on Kickstarter

Frog Fractions 2

The other night, I decided to finally play Frog Fractions. It was an incredibly hilarious experience, and one that I choose to refrain from spoiling for anyone who's yet to play the game. So if you fall under that category, go play Frog Fractions right now. It'll take you about 30 minutes or so, and you'll come away feeling completely overjoyed.

It might also make you want to put down some cash to help support Frog Fractions 2 on Kickstarter. That's right, developer Twinbeard Studios is planning a sequel to the browser-based edutainment-meets-awesomeness endeavor from 2012. Backers who pledge a minimum of $15 will receive a digital copy of Frog Fractions 2 and the satisfaction of knowing that they backed one of the more enjoyably creative and pleasantly bizarre developers of the past few years.

Check out the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter page for more info. And if you haven't already played the first Frog Fractions, go do that right now. Or else!

Gone Home moving out of the PC as it makes its way to consoles

Gone Home

Costume Quest 2 isn't the only exciting game under the publishing banner of Midnight City. After a successful launch on the PC, Gone Home will soon be making its way to consoles. That means an entirely new audience will get the opportunity to play the game. Partnering with developer The Fullbright Company, Midnight City will help bring Gone Home to a currently undisclosed list of home platforms.

Gone Home found a great home on the PC when it launched in 2013. The game's unique delivery of narrative and interesting take on adventure gameplay made for an experience that was an essential part of many folks' top of 2013 lists. It's great to see this mysterious experience making its way to multiple platforms, because now even more individuals will get to unravel the secrets of the Greenbriar household.

PixelJunk dev Q-Games brings Nom Nom Galaxy to Steam Early Access

Nom Nom Galaxy

Notorious for its chipper, colorful, and mesmerizing PixelJunk series, Q-Games has officially launched its latest project. Titled Nom Nom Galaxy, the game has you working for an intergalactic soup-making company — it's the stuff of legends, no doubt. The game mixes together a plethora of gameplay herbs and spices to create an experience that's deliciously varied and uniquely wholesome.

As an Astroworker at Soup Co., it's up to you to travel far and wide in search of ingredients to create the finest soups. Along the way you'll be forced to do battle with rival companies and strengthen your base. Nom Nom Galaxy blends together platforming, tower defense, and sandbox mechanics to create a PixelJunk experience unlike any other. Already the game has drawn some comparisons to Terraria, but it definitely seems like Q-Games is going for something with a different vibe.

You can purchase the Early Access version of Nom Nom Galaxy on Steam for $19.99.

TowerFall Ascension has launched, and it's packing plenty of arrows

TowerFall Ascension

Matt Thorson's satisfyingly retro-style local multiplayer action game TowerFall Ascension has finally made its way to the PlayStation 4 and PC. Originally available on the Ouya, it's great to see the game arriving on multiple platforms — not only because the Ouya's kind of a failed piece of hardware, but also because it's great to know that even more people can enjoy this particular game.

Completely devoid of online multiplayer, TowerFall encourages players to come together to experience its competitive and co-op magic. It also encourages players to yell at the person next to them for costing them a victory. And hell, it's even one of those games that may make some people slap their buddies around. You know, just like the good old days of couch multiplayer.

You can purchase TowerFall on the PlayStation Network and Steam for $14.99.

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