Dr. David’s Indie Roundup: A Fistful of Gun, Crawl, Sentris, and more

After going missing for a few weeks, the Indie Roundup is back to bring you some of the latest stories in the indie gaming world. If you're looking for unique games to play or are curious about upcoming titles, we've got a few to get totally excited about here. This week on the Indie Roundup, we're taking a look at six new games, three of which you can currently play.

So let's get this show going and talk indie games!

A Fistful of Gun enters the pixelated Old West, ready to cause trouble

A Fistful of Gun

A new Western-themed action game is a-comin' to these here parts courtesy of developer FarmerGnome and publisher Devolver Digital. The game in question is A Fistful of Gun. Yes, that's the title of the game. Ridiculously badass, right?

A Fistful of Gun takes you on a top-down journey across the pixelated Wild West, arming you with pistols and letting you select from 11 gunslinging characters, each with unique controls. Originally a freeware offering, the game is now set to arrive on the PC via Steam, GOG.com, and Humble in spring 2015.

If you want to get an early look at A Fistful of Gun, the game will be playable at this year's PAX Prime at the Indie Megabooth. For more info, check out Devolver Digital's reveal post.

Crawl is a frantic multiplayer dungeon crawler


When you enter the world of Powerhoof's Crawl, you're diving into a fast-paced, explosive journey across dark dungeons filled with hideous monsters. The catch, however, is that those monsters are being controlled by your friends. Designed with the party multiplayer crowd in mind, the game delivers hectic local play for up to four players.

One player takes on the role of the hero while the other player or players take control of the monsters scattered throughout the many environments. The player who kills the hero then takes on that role, turning Crawl into a race to the final boss.

You can purchase the game, which is currently in its Early Access state, on Steam for $9.99.

Five Nights at Freddy's is a weird but haunting horror game

Five Nights at Freddy's

I didn't know what to make of developer Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's when I first saw the goofy look of the mechanical critter characters. It's a lot creepier than you might think, though, and watching trailers or checking out screens is certainly indicative of that.

You play as a security guard who's stuck covering the night watch at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (great pizza place, by the way). Things quickly get creepy when you start hearing the rumblings of the mechanized animals and start seeing the damn things moving around. Obviously, if you love jump scares, you should probably check this game out.

Five Nights at Freddy's is available now on Steam for $4.99.

Paperbound tears through the land of local multiplayer mayhem, seeks a few Kickstarter bucks


Last time we took a look at Paperbound, the papercraft-themed local multiplayer action game from Dissident Logic, it was but a mere early work in progress. The studio has since launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking for $10,000 to get the funding necessary to finish up the project.

Thus far, Paperbound has only accrued a small portion of the funding, and its Kickstarter campaign has a few days left. If you're into local multiplayer games like Nidhogg and Towerfall, give this one a look-see. What separates Paperbound from the rest of the pack is its gravity mechanic, which makes the whole experience even crazier. Heck, if you're on the fence, you can download a demo right on the game's Kickstarter page.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and donate if you're into it. You can also give it your vote on Steam Greenlight.

Protect Me Knight 2 will enlist your services on the 3DS eShop

Once upon a time (2010, to be exact) there was a game on XBLIG titled Protect Me Knight from a developer known as Ancient Corp. The title managed to garner praise for its retro look and sound, as well as its beat 'em up-based tower defense gameplay.

Now it looks like we're getting Protect Me Knight 2, though the game won't be on XBLIG. Instead, Ancient is going the Nintendo route and will launch the action-heavy game on the 3DS eShop. An interesting choice, but definitely a nice fit for Nintendo's handheld.

According to Tiny Cartridge, Protect Me Knight 2 will include a level editor and two new character classes in addition to all of the over-the-top gameplay. That's all we really know for now. Check out the trailer above for a closer look at the game.

Sentris is a puzzly music game with catchy tunes and slick style


Timbre Interactive has just launched its colorful music puzzler Sentris on Steam. Currently in its Early Access phase, the game challenges you to play along, creating music as you go and witnessing a visual splendor. It's really quite nice to both listen to and look at. Just check out the trailer on Steam if you don't believe me.

Though it appears easy to master, there's an intricacy to Sentris that requires a good ear, good eyes, and good reflexes. It definitely seems like a new way to play music games, so whether you're a longtime fan of rhythm titles or are just curious about the genre, there's a lot to be intrigued by here.

Sentris is available for $19.99 on Steam.

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