Download Brütal Legend Demo or Get Swine Flu: The Choice is Yours

The Brütal Legend demo is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold members, this we already knew. What we did not know, however, is just how much rides on people downloading this demo. How many people?

666 million.

Via GamerLimit, the saga unfolds:

EA related the message to us just a short time ago:

Ormagoden, the Cremator of the Sky, the Destroyer of the Ancient world, the Lord of all things Brütal has demanded that 666 Million humans download the face meltingly awesome Demo of Brütal Legend or he will give “everyone” Swine Flu. While this may seem like a good time to panic, sell all your worldly possessions and run to the hills, fear not. Double Fine will be streaming a LIVE video “Dem-o-Thon” in support of the Demo in hopes that they can meet Ormagoden’s impossible demands and save you sinuses.

To help promote the demo (and in turn, the game), Double Fine Studios will be hosting a live broadcast from their San Francisco headquarters on Thursday, October 1st at 12pm PST via Throughout the day, they will be featuring interviews and antics with the team members, as well as some Q&A via their Twitter account. Also included are “awesome giveaways, a message from Tim’s Swine Flu proofed bunker, Spoilers, Live Axe Lessons, and much more.”

That same day, the demo will also go live for all of the mere mortals who only possess PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Silver accounts. “Download and play this mind destryoningly epic Demo and help Double Fine productions stave off the wrath of Ormagoden.”

Oh, and for those interested? We’ve got one new artsy pic of the heroic roadie Eddie Riggs added to the gallery.