Doodle Hex Summoning this June

Tragnarion’s Doodle Hex has been confirmed for release this June bringing spell-drawing back to the DS with single and multiplayer battles.

Featuring a drawing system to cast spells, players face off against other “Doodlers” with their summoning spells which are created by drawing different shapes on the DS’ touch screen. By depleting your enemies energy bar you will be able to claim victory.

With real-time spell casting, combo attacks and shield runes added to the mix, Doodle Hex promises to, “[add] an extra element of skill and lateral thinking to the gameplay.” Players will be able to summon as many runes as they can draw during a battle but different runes will use up different amounts of energy.

There are a total of 14 characters for players to take on the 250 challenges offered in the single player which plays out in a rune college with, “unique Japanese styled anime characters.” When you get bored with the single player you can test your powers over Wi-Fi against friends.

Kombo will keep you updated.