Donkey Kong + Jenga = Awesome

Oh my god, this is so cool. Jenga and Donkey Kong… together? I’m there.

Sure, you’ll still be able to play the game in the way it’s always been played — follow instructions above, until it all comes down — or with the new Donkey Kong-style rules.

In the update, each player will control a small Mario playing piece, trying to move up the tower in order to save Pauline from Kong. No rolling barrels, but you’ll use a spinner to find out how many spaces to move, and when to remove blocks.

Donkey Kong Jenga is slated for a Sept. 24 release. — Jean Snow, Game|Life

Looks like Amazon has already sold through their pre-orders… damn!

Oh, and on a Jenga-related note, check out this magnificient example of fail someone posted in the NeoGAF thread.