Don’t Starve Cheats: How to beat MacTusk and get the Blow Dart weapon

In Don't Starve, MacTusk is an aggressive mob that's the leader of the Father and Son Walrus Hunting Party, which respawns every 2.5 days after being killed on the Walrus Camp. MacTusk has long range and uses a Blow Dart weapon to keep the player at a distance. He is accompanied by Wee MacTusk and two Blue Hounds. MacTusk is only active during daytime, and he will follow the player if the player is around. Get too close and he will attack the player, sending in his hounds first.

If the Walrus Camp is inactive, it's best to set up defenses and traps, like Bee Mines and Tooth Traps. Since he only spawns in Winter, you could set these up ahead of time and kill him easily. 

If you're not able to place traps, you'll have to fight MacTusk. Since he has long range, it's best to use a ranged weapon as well. To avoid his Blow Dar's high speed, the player is advised to run serpentine. 

But you should start by killing the two Hounds first — they are first priority. It's easy to do this if you have the Ice Staff. Just freeze MacTusk, kill his Hounds (they die in two hits), freeze MacTusk again and then kill him with a melee weapon. You don't have to worry about Weetusk; he runs away after MacTusk and the Hounds are dead. 

MacTusk will drop the Blow Dart weapon for you to use, raw met, has a 50% chance to drop a Walrus Tusk, and a 25% chance to drop the Tam o' Shanter. 

Blow Dart can be prototyped with a Science Machine. To craft it will require: 

  • 2x Cut Reeds
  • 1x Hound's Tooth
  • 1x Snowbird Feather

The Blow Dart deals 100 damage. 

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