DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 09 – Devil Inside

Mission 09 – Devil Inside

With Phineas' help and guidance, we can cross the bridge and gain further access to the tower. Phineas reveals the existence of more Nephilim, who existed before Dante and Vergil, though they were all hunted and slain, due to their ability to wield both angelic and demonic powers, as well as cross worlds at will.

Dante faces a new enemy here. The Witch is a little troublesome, as she has a magical shield around her. The best way to break it is to use Angelic weapons. Once it breaks, it will leave her stunned and open to attack.

During one of Dante's flashback levels, we get to meet his mother, who is apologetic to the fact that she was unable to protect him, and that he has the ability to choose his own path in the world. Dante thus acquires the ability to use Devil Trigger whenever the corresponding gauge is full enough. Devil Trigger not only changes Dante's hair to his iconic white, but also increases his damage and armor, as well as granting health regeneration.

Once we reach Phineas again, he informs Dante that once Mundus is gone, someone needs to take his place.