DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 07 – Overturn

Mission 07 – Overturn

In the beginning of this mission, we learn a little more about Kat, Dante's human companion. We learn that  she was rescued from a foster home where her foster father was a demon. Her only means of escape were to Limbo, where she could wander in spirit form. Eventually she would kill her foster father and join Vergil on his quest to take down demons.

We also learn that Bob Barbas, the anchor of Raptor News Network is a demon himself. Dante then must venture into the upside down reflection world where the demon tower resides. In this level, we get to really utilize the new weapon Eryx, which are two fire fists that deal a lot more damage than the Axe, and are a tad bit faster as well. These new fists also allow Dante to reach previously inaccessible areas.

With the Eryx equipped, Tyrants can now be launched high into the air thanks to the powerful charged uppercut. A new enemy, Rage, can also be found in this level. These four legged creatures are quite fast, and are much more susceptible to Angelic damage, which means your Scythe will do some good damage here.

In the end of the level, we see Phineas, a demon being harassed by Harpies. Should we help him out? I think so.