DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 02 – Home Truths

Part 2

Mission 2 – Home Truths

In the second mission of the game, we get to revisit Dante's childhood home, as well as learn about his past, as well as his connections to Vergil. Vergil and Dante are brothers, sons of Sparda and Eva. They are the race of Nephilim, born of the union between Angels and Demons. The demon Mundus killed their mother and imprisoned their father.

Dante acquires the new Ophion Demon Pull skill which acts as a grappling hook, both in combat and in platforming. In specific parts, Dante will need to utilize the Demon Pull to grapple certain items and pull them closer to him. In combat, it works quite similarly. Enemies that are far can be quickly dragged closer to Dante in order to keep his string of combos going.

Dante also acquires the Osiris weapon, which is a heavenly scythe that has a wide area of attack at the cost of attack power. The scythe is also very quick, and thanks to its wide attack, can keep a group of enemies at bay. However due to the low attack power, you'll most likely be finishing them off with your blade.

Once Dante learns of his past, he agrees to join The Order and help their cause.