Disney classics that deserve to get the HD treatment

This summer apparently belongs to Disney reboots. I mean, sure, there's room for Iron Man, Star Trek and Arrested Development, but when it comes to video games, there's a pair of Disney game announcements getting all the attention.

Take, for instance, Capcom's DuckTales Remastered, which overtook PAX East with a vengeance, thanks to Scrooge McDuck's consistent cane-hopping and a beautiful treatment by the team at WayForward. And we dare not forget about what Sega's doing with Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, which will also be on our consoles soon enough.

And that got me thinking… there's room for other Disney classics to make a comeback, y'know? Sure, the rights would have to be negotiated and the right folks would have to be on board for the project (not anyone can make a good Disney game, after all), but if the companies could somehow pull these following reboots off, our consoles would be in for a Disney-riffic time.

So here are several other Disney games we'd like to see make a return in downloadable high-definition form.

Darkwing Duck


"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"

When the original Darkwing Duck came out for the NES years ago, it created a sense of magic that only Capcom could deliver, with Mega Man-inspired platforming and a healthy dose of the quirkiness that made the underappreciated Disney series so great. (To top it off, it blew the doors off of the failed Turbo-Grafx game of the same name.) A return would definitely be in order, featuring Jim Cummings' voiceovers as the heroic avenger and beautiful visuals taken straight from the cartoon series. C'mon, do it for Darkwing!

Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers


Another Disney afternoon gem that made a fine transition to video game form is Rescue Rangers. Featuring the antics of daring chipmunks Chip and Dale, the old Capcom NES classic offered plenty of great moments, whether it was taking down robotic dogs with apples and boxes or finishing off Fat Cat while he taunted you from behind his desk. A revision would be in order, complete with co-op support and plenty of antics from the TV show. And, hey, we'd take Rescue Rangers 2 as well. Nothing beats a bonus.

World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck


If Sega can give Castle of Illusion the revisionary treatment, then why not pay tribute to another 16-bit classic? Though it was short in length, World of Illusion was fantastic, offering three different play styles in one package. You could go through the adventure solo as Mickey or Donald, or team up with a friend and tackle the entire game in co-op, with challenges made specifically for two players. Featuring terrific graphics and music, this game is prime remake material.

Toy Story


You can keep your Clockwork Knight, Sega, because Disney Interactive took good care of us with Toy Story. This side-scrolling action game featured Woody the cowboy doing what he did best, playing around with toys while using his pullstring as both a weapon and a grappling hook. With excellent graphics (well, for 90s standards) and entertaining gameplay, this game really surprised us back in the day – which is why a return to form with touched-up graphics shouldn't be out of the question. After all, Toy Story is still popular, yes?

Disney's Aladdin (either version)


Finally, there's a movie that was so good that it got not one, but two great games back in the day.

Over on the Genesis, Sega worked closely with Disney and producer David Perry (of Earthworm Jim fame) to create a stunningly good platformer for the Genesis, complete with plenty of magic lamp shenanigans and colorful designs. But Capcom's SNES game shouldn't be looked over either, mainly because of its classy level setups, its outstanding music (for SNES standards, anyway) and fun bonus stages. Either of these would be good to see return, if only to introduce us to a "whole new world" all over again.

Honorable Mentions


The Lion King – Tough as nails, this SNES/Genesis platformer would be just right for today's gaming standards.

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse – This Capcom action game has charm to spare, as well as plenty of great suits to change into.

Mickey Mania – Before David Jaffe crafted Twisted Metal, he made one of Mickey's best games since Castle of Illusion; it looks and sounds wonderful.

Goof Troop – Say what you will about Goof's "coolness," but this puzzle game stood out from most of the usual Disney fare.

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck – This thrilling adventure takes you all over the world with the famous Duck – and gives him extra cool ammunition to boot.

What other Disney games do you want to see again?