Disaster: Day of Crisis Reviewed, Scored by Famitsu

As though the TV commercials and other evidence weren’t enough of the game finally reaching completion, we now have word that famed Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has finally reviewed and scored Disaster: Day of Crisis:

It’s not typically an encouraging sign when a company hides their game from the press. Disaster: Day of Crisis has fallen down that path, but in this case, it doesn’t necessarily mean the game is terrible. Actually, based on the first review from Famitsu, Day of Crisis might be much better than the average game. The Disaster review, which can be read in the upcoming edition of Famitsu, includes a superb score of 34/40. — Nintendo Everything

Skepticism shines through the NE writer’s words, however, when they note that Famitsu also gave a perfect score to Nintendogs.

Now, if only Nintendo would tell us when we’re getting it. Hell, we’d better be getting it… after E3, it just seems so wrong to hold such a thing back from us. Captain Rainbow is bad enough, Nintendo, don’t deprive us of this, too!