Devil May Cry–It Could Be Worse

Devil May Cry fans, it could be worse. That's all I'm saying.

The Devil May Cry series has some of the most passionate followers in all of gaming. Dante is a beloved character who fans think is the epitome of cool. The only problem with having fans that love a series and character so much is that when something changes, backlash is inevitable. That's exactly what is happening now with DmC.

This is a reboot for DmC. The developers are changing the look of Dante in what is also considered a prequel. It's not unlike the Tomb Raider reboot, which gives us a different Lara Croft. No one seems to mind that mostly because the Tomb Raider franchise was getting stale and because the game and new Lara look amazing.

The new Dante–according to everyone–not so much. Dante's new look is getting responses ranging from Twilight to slurs that I'm not going to repeat here. People are so mad that the white hair is gone, that his jacket isn't as cool, that he has eyeliner on, and that he would fit perfectly in a teen novel, where he would fight for the love of an awkward, lip-biting girl confused about which mythical creature she wants to bone more.

Here's the thing: this game is a prequel. Dante isn't going to be the same in his youth as he is in other installments. The white hair isn't completely gone. Watch the E3 trailer and you can see it. This is just a gritty, grungy version of Dante who is going through events that will make him the man we already know.

If anything, it's appropriate that Dante looks like this. Let's take Darth Vader, for example. The most feared Jedi ever started off as a whiny teenager. Dante could have fared a lot worse than Vader.

Be happy that Dante looks like a French, tween heartthrob. He looks like he was formed from a gene pool containing the DNA of Constantine (the movie, not the American Idol wannabe), Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys, and Michael Jackson. Now that I think of it …


In the end, I understand the outrage of the DmC community. An epic, recognizable character is being turned into something many people disagree with. However, if this look for Dante fits perfectly with the story and the gameplay is amazing, then will it even matter that this is a rebooted character? We should wait until we know more about the story and have a playable demo on our hands before we start bashing any decisions that were made. If it's the best entry in the DmC series then 75 percent of haters will end up loving the new and possibly improved Dante.

And in a time when Jersey rules all, it could have been a lot worse.

Just sayin'.

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