Developer Vaguely Details de Blob Multiplayer

THQ’s de Blob has multiplayer.

We’ve known that for months, and even though developer Blue Tongue Entertainment “revealed” first details on the innovative Wii platfotmer’s multiplayer mode today, that’s still about all we know.

No details were explicitly stated, but Blue Tongue offered video of the split-screen multiplayer, named the modes and described the multiplayer locales.

So, you’re a young Blob who has just arrived in Chroma City… where can you go to meet like-minded Blobs and party? It’s simple! Visit the following hot spots for a quick game of Paint Match; a high speed run of Blob Race; or a catch-the-leader game of Blob on the Run. — IGN

THQ, you’ve definitely caught my interest with de Blob, but next time you “reveal” one of the game’s features, keep in mind actual details are expected alongside the names of the modes.

As for multiplayer objectives, you’ll just have to watch the video and decide for yourself. Still, de Blob is bringing sexy back to a Wii near you in only ten days.