Details Revealed About Outrun 2

In an interview done at Kikizo Games, SEGA-AM2’s Makoto Osaki & Sega Europe’s Kats Sato speak on the sequel to the classic “Outrun” which was on the Sega Genesis console and in the arcades. Most obvious is the outstanding visuals presented.

Makoto Osaki: “The graphics are completely different from the original OutRun, with beautiful scenery, and we’ve even put great animation on the woman in the passenger seat so you can see her reaction to everything!”

Osaki also spoke about to whom the title would be marketed.

Makoto Osaki: “There are so many driving games nowadays, especially inside arcades. Back when the original OutRun came out there weren’t many racing games. It is harder now to compete with all these modern racing games, but we think OutRun is different enough to other racing games. We don’t think anyone else can do something like OutRun 2, except Sega.”

Though both were tight-lipped about a definate release date.

Kats Sato: “I can’t say exactly, but Sumo is working really hard to convert it. We’re aiming to release it this autumn, but I can say definitely before the end of the year.”