Destructoid Gives Eternity’s Child a 1 out of 10, Developer Retaliates

Eternity’s Child is a fairy tale-based side-scrolling platformer that released on Steam last month. The title is also coming to WiiWare sometime this year, but no specific date has been set for the Wii version of the game. Game blog Destructoid had established a relationship with the creator of the platformer, Luc Bernard, and was even fortunate enough to have its robot mascot make an appearance in the game, but when the site published its recent review of the title (giving it a 1 out of 10), that relationship went downhill quickly. The developer, Alten, removed Destructoid’s mascot from the game, and Bernard got involved in the comments section of the scathing review.

“Yeah guys just be calm 2 secs I’m a bloody human being too and I don’t think the game deserved something that low, that is why I’m going to put up a demo ok, so you can judge for yourself.

“Just let’s put it this way it’s easy to follow the crowd, but I put all my heart into this, this is like my baby and well it’s then destroyed, alot of people have enjoyed the game and of course it makes you guys feel better behind your PC to insult someone, but wait until you try a demo and it will be different” — Luc Bernard

I think that giving a game a 1 out of 10 is pretty damn sensational, but I have not played the game for myself, so I cannot comment on its quality. That said, I can see why Bernard is upset over the review, even if the game does suck. That’s a pretty awful score. Either way, this is an example of what happens when reviewers get too close to the people who make the games they’re reviewing. It’s a scenario that I’m sure many critics in the industry hope to avoid (I know I do).