Demo Play: It’s Not Just for Wii Anymore

Back at the start of this year, a patent was discovered which made approximately 73 percent of the “hardcore” gamers in the world collectively soil themselves.

Dubbed the “Kind Code” upon its discovery, the specifics remained unknown; all that could be said for certain was that it was a new featured devised by Nintendo in order to help people get through difficult sections of the games in which it was featured. And naturally, this brought about many cries about Nintendo ruining the industry, how if people wanted to watch something, they’d see a movie instead, etc.

In reality, the intent is to assist gamers in completing difficult games, but doing so without watering the experience down to such a degree that those of a more hardened core might be turned off by it.

In the time since, people forgot about the sky falling until E3, when Nintendo mastermind and Producer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the feature, now tentatively christened as “Demo Play,” would first be featured in their upcoming big gun for the holiday season, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And now, it seems new revelations have revealed that the feature will not be exclusive to Wii titles.

An article from Japan’s Nikkei was brief, but brought a couple of new facts about the feature. For one thing, it will not simply be for Wii titles, but for DS titles as well.

In addition, Demo Play is described as being suitable for “high speed action games,” which means purveyors of puzzles, sports, and RPGs likely have little to fear.