Dementium: The Ward Developer Shoots for the Moon

Renegade Kid, developer of Halloween’s DS game Dementium: The Ward, has finally revealed what their secretive Project M is all about: The moon.

Moon is a DS first-person action game which takes place you-know-where during the year 2058. Researchers who are building a lunar base discover a hatch of alien origin, which is likely to lead to something big. Publisher Mastiff’s Bill Swartz describes the game as “dark, twisted, heart pounding, frequently violent and always disturbing. Pretty much what you’d expect when you take madmen like Renegade Kid.”

Jools Watsham, Owner and Creative Director at Renegade Kid, added “Moon demonstrates the impressive power of Nintendo DS, while appealing to a crowd that’s looking for a first-person action-adventure title that delivers a menacing story and really puts your gaming skills to the test.”

The engine from Dementium: The Ward, now known as “The Renegade Engine” by the staff, will see light again in Moon, which is due for a Fall 2008 release.