Dead Space 2 Setting, New Details Revealed, Multiplayer Teased

The new issue of Game Informer is now reaching the hands of subscribers, and as a result, Dead Space 2 information is seeping forth. Rely on Horror has managed to gather much, if not all, of this new information, thus providing an in-depth look at the game.

A few highlights include the setting of the game, which is now confirmed to be on a large space station named Sprawl some three years after the first game. This time, they’re out to push the horror element even further by pitting protagonist Isaac against seemingly impossible odds, which the developers refer to as having “better pacing.”

Sprawl lives up to its name, making the Ishimura look rather small by comparison. It features such amenities as a churches, schools, and even a shopping mall, and is described as an “organic, haphazardly constructed, long-term place that’s built around the remaining shards of one of Saturn’s moon-The first planet-crack ever.”

“Like any real city it is not all built by one person. Some stuff was built up, and some areas, corporate areas, government areas, and public areas.”

Regarding Isaac himself, he will be capable of speaking this time, and also be able to drift through space if he leaps too far from a surface. While floating, he retains use of his weapons (such as a new Javelin gun) and can alter his trajectory, too. Probably be handy, with the weird, lipless babies trying to claw you to pieces.

Multiplayer is also teased, with the following said: “All I can say is it’s really fun, and you’ll get to strategically dismember your friends.”

To learn more, check out the piece over at Rely on Horror.