Dead Rising 2 under Consideration

Fans of the sleeper Xbox 360 hit Dead Rising would love to see a sequel, which according to producer Keiji Inafune, is currently under consideration.

Speaking to Game Informer, Inafune said, “…we’re not making it right now, but it is something I would love to make. I would love to be able to take some time off from my business-side responsibilities just to be able to produce it myself—that’s how much I love the game and would love to do it.”

He explained the many aspects that must come together in order for development to even begin,”There’s staffing, there’s scheduling—who’s working on what—then there’s budget and money, where’s the money coming from? So there are a lot of small things to work out before that would even be possible.”

He added, “It’s a possibility. If it was announced, I might be the one back in Japan making it. That’s the title that they’re considering back in Capcom Japan that I would want to produce the most, out of anything they’re thinking about.”

“That’s how much I really love it. But I’m very busy.”