DDR and Nexgym: A Match Made for Kids

Dance Dance Revolution has been a popular game for weight loss and fitness for some time now. It seemed only logical that somebody would eventually pick up the game to be used in a gym context. That time is now, as Nexgym and Konami are officially partnering up to deliver the popular dance title. Dance Dance Revolution will be available at all current and future locations of the Nexgym gym for kids.

Clara Gilbert, Director of Business Partnerships at Konami detailed that, “DDR and Nexgym are a perfect fit, delivering an unparalleled mix of fitness and fun that get kids as young as 3 years old off the couch and playing to stay in shape.”

Indeed. We’re all for gaming and fitness, so this is quite the lovely matrimony. Remember kids, it was cool to lose weight with DDR before it was with Wii Sports.