Days of Thunder Races Onto the Track for Download This Summer

Remember Days of Thunder? That cheesy early 90’s flick that introduced a new generation to NASCAR and introduced the world to the power couple that became Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, not to mention made you really thirsty for Mello-Yello? Well, nearly 20 years after its release, someone at Paramount has apparently realized that it’s due for a revival. Hence, a new Days of Thunder video game is now set for release on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this summer.

Obviously created to fill the void currently experienced by the lack of NASCAR games on the market, the new Days of Thunder will feature characters from the movie, four single-player modes: Quick Race, Time Trial, Career Mode, and Derby Mode (what?), plus online multiplayer for 12 players, a pit-stop minigame, and car customization.

But yet, no Tom Cruise, which is a shame. But an even bigger crime? No Mello-Yello! COME ON!