Darksiders 2 video walkthrough | How to find the entrance to The Gilded Arena

Death is out to clear his brother's name and restore order to the realm by resurrecting humanity. To do this, he'll have to smash his way through legions of boss battles, uncover a variety of secrets, and try his best to keep his skull mask from getting dirty. Vito Gesualdi helps you get it done in this video walkthrough!

Find the Entrance to the Gilded Arena

Once atop the serpents, Death is in for a lot of wall jumping. Keep moving along, making sure to time your jumps from the swinging chain platforms just right! Once off the chain platforms, turn right to grab a chest, then return to use the Deathgrip and jump across to the next climbing section. Once into the caverns, scale upwards by running up the wall, and using deathgrip to keep moving. Drop through the hole at the top of this section, bringing you closer to The Eternal Throne.
Head down into the basement quickly to grab a Boatman Coin, as well as The Fool page for the Crucible. Back upstairs, the chancellor will confront you before you can reach the throne room, explaining that only one who has bested the gilded arena  can Speak to the Lord of Bones. Scale across some climbing sections towards the big yellow icon on the map. Move the big laser to shoot the locked door, wall run across the big gap, and prepare to learn the secrets of the arena!