Dark Souls Office Life: Prepare to Work Edition | Episode 1: Undead Life

“Episode 1: Undead Life”

Welcome to Dark Souls Office Life: Prepare to Work Edition. This is a new series of webisodes brought to you by GameZone. Imagine if the universe of Dark Souls had a white-collar scene; cubicles, water cooler chat, meetings, the whole nine-yards. Now what if the stress of this professional lifestyle included white phantoms to aid in meetings, office tools disguised as mimics, frequent returns to bonfires, or your office rival literally invading your world? Would you have what it takes to survive such a harsh work environment?

Poor Steve is starting his very first day at a new job. While he has been hired, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into or what he’s even supposed to be doing. Unlike every other employee, Steve doesn’t realize he has the curse of the undead or how Lordran office life works. With this lifestyle, surviving your first day of work is a much higher priority than not being fired. Will Steve adapt, quit, die, or hollow out first?    

A new episode will be released every Friday, right here on GameZone. Enjoy the pilot! 

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