Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 29: Key to the Embedded, Undead Crypt, Velstadt

In the twenty ninth of this series, Rei II and I delve into to Undead Crypt to go find King Vendrick. I’m sure nothing awful will try to stop up along the way – right? Of course not. We start by sticking a giant Kingdom Hearts’ esque key blade in the head of a pervert, yup, that’s a thing that happens in this game. There is a trail of player lemmings that amuses the hell out of me. In the crypt, we meet a Fenito and his gang only to learn that light insults the dead for some reason. Fair enough. There are a bunch of deaths and bell ringing, it all gets hazy. We come out triumphant against Velstadt, see Vendrick, in his hollow state, and get the hell out of there. Oh yea, the Emerald Herald joins the fun for a bit because why not?