Dark Souls II Playthrough Ep 21: Pate vs. Creighton, Freja, & Vengarl’s Body

In the twenty-first of this series, Rei II’s trip into Brightstone Cove Tseldora only gets worse. First of all, we stumble upon Pate and Creighton duking it out – finally they meet – again. You get to choose the victor. Though I trust neither of them, Pate has given me gear and what not and Creighton just seems like a bloodthirsty monster. Regardless, Pate gives us his key to his trapped house and mocks us as we barely life… from SOMEWHERE I CAN’T SEE! Sigh. We climb through awful spiderwebs and reach The Duke’s Dear Freja and the horrible spider creature she has become. I guess all spiders are equipped with LASERS now. We put that spider down and end Vengarl’s twisted body as well. Let’s just go back to Majula and call it a night.