Dark Souls II Guide: How to use The Shrine of the Living

The Shine of the Living is a location in the Shrine of Amana, at the Rise of the Dead bonfire. This is the first bonfire after the Demon of Song boss. Find all the Milfinitos: one in the hut at the start of Shine of Amana, one outside the Demon of Song fight, one behind the Key of the Embeded in Dragalic Castle, and one in the shrine. To even enter the shrine, you must be hollow. If you “pray” at the shrine, it will tell you nothing happened. The key to activating this shrine is to not have ANY Human Effigies in your inventory. If you try to trick the game by dropping the ones you have, it still won’t work. So yea, with no Human Effigies, praying will make you human. So if you ever get to the point where you can feel like you’ll never be able to summon again, boom – Dark Souls.