Dante Takes His Hunt to 360

The Playstation 3 continues to lose blood in the console wars, as Microsoft announced today that Capcom will be bringing the one-time PS3 exclusive Devil May Cry 4 over to the Xbox 360.

This is the fourth major Sony exclusive to be announced as multiplatform, following Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5, and Pandemic’s Mercenaries 2. At this point it’s unknown if Devil May Cry 4 was planned as a multiplatform release from the beginning but was only announced for the PS3, or if Capcom made the decision to port the title recently.

Capcom has found a great deal of success on the Xbox 360 in the past year, with both Dead Rising and Lost Planet performing very well at retail in North America. The company seems to be putting a great deal of effort into creating titles aimed at the Western market and the gap between the number of 360s and PS3s sold in North America was likely a contributing factor to the title’s multiplatform status, if in fact the decision was made recently.

In an official press release, Capcom stated that “each version of the game will be maximized to take advantage of the systems’ strengths,” but console-specific content or features have yet to be announced.

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