CVG Interviews Ubisoft Designer J.P. Cambiotti

Rainbow Six games are pretty damned hard really. Boot down a door, steam in, look around and then lie down as a stream of enemy bullets say a big, welcoming “hello” to your torso. Bang, bang – dead again. Whoops. What did I do wrong?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 4: Lockdown is full of new features though. Amongst a lovely Career Mode for Xbox bods that lets you customise your own operative to 16-man online skirmishes for Xbox and PS2, this one is actually more user-friendly. Yes, user friendly! Wowee! Spend time fiddling with the options, and even novice shooter freaks should be able to get quite far. And that means travelling round the likes of South Africa, Amsterdam, Calais, Paris and Algeria with quite a lot of heroics to show for your troubles.

But don’t just take our waffling words for it – instead, let Ubisoft game designer J.P. Cambiotti take up the reins, after we spoke to him about the PS2 and Xbox versions at his studio in snowy Montreal.

So with Rainbow Six 4: Lockdown, you’ve tried to make the series more accessible to a wider audience. Are you suggesting the previous games were a bit hardcore?

Cambiotti: In the past Rainbow Six got criticism for being too difficult, too hard to get into – the one shot, one kill hardly makes it very instant. Although we’ve kept that in for the hardcore fans, we’ve also tried to open it up to people who haven’t really picked up the series before.

So you’ve now got aiming assistance and a ‘save anywhere’ feature. Plus, there’s a sniper vision that’s more of a departure from the regular Rainbow fare [enemies are easier to spot]. But despite these options, there’s still a lot of the ‘room playing’ and the tension generated by one-shot kills that fans have come to expect.

And the game’s far more character driven this time too, with three new female characters introduced into the melee. How are you planning to bring out their personalities?

Cambiotti: Well, the previous games had mainly dark outfits, with maybe a couple of different heads, so you couldn’t really tell the difference [between characters]. With PS2 and Xbox, we have an extremely unique character set. There are 10 to 12 Rainbow characters throughout the game including the three female characters that are entirely new.

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