Culdcept Saga Begins This Summer

When Namco Bandai announced last year that it was bringing the follow-up to 2003’s niche PS3 strategy titled Culdcept to North American Xbox 360s, fans of the original game couldn’t help feeling excited. While the Monopoly-meets-Magic: The Gathering gameplay may not seem like a great fit for the Xbox 360-owning crowd, it’s hard to ignore the unique, deep blend of gameplay found in the series’ previous entries.

Today, Namco Bandai revealed that Culdcept Saga will be released in North America this summer. The game will follow an unlikely hero and a princess as they strive to restore peace to a nation ravaged by war in a story developed by one of Japan’s most recognized science-fiction writers. Players will customize a deck from a large collection of cards that produce various effects in battle and can prove themselves in online or offline multiplayer supporting up to four players.

AMN will have more on Culdcept Saga as we approach its release. For more information, check out our impressions of the game from last year’s Tokyo Game Show.