Criterion Expanding Burnout Paradise with Free Island Update; Says DLC is Opportunity to Continue De

Criterion Games is taking a bit of a different approach to downloadable content with their upcoming updates to Burnout Paradise.

Creative director Alex Ward revealed on the Criterion forums that Paradise’s first DLC will be a series of islands, marking the first ever chance to drive down roads outside of Paradise city. The real kicker is that the content will be a mandatory free update. Totally, 100% free of charge. “What’s important to know is that we see DLC in a totally different way,” Ward enlightened. “So far, with many games, DLC has been secondary ‘extras’ type stuff, a different costume in an RPG, a different car in a racing game, and so on.

We see DLC as significant additional content which expands the game experience. We see it as continuing to develop the game which we worked on. Taking it further almost to the point of making a new game.” New cars are also said to be up for grabs, including the off-road “Dust Storm” vehicle. No word yet on whether it will cost anything, though Ward notes that “we will charge (price TBC) for some stuff.” Looking forward to it, Alex.