Crackdown Update Deletes Saves

Crackdown gamers who are updating their game through Xbox Live should be aware of a possible bug that erases saved games during updates.

A post on the Crackdown forum has detailed instructions to avoid any data lost, we here at AMN have copied it here for your convenience:

Simply follow these instructions:
1. Sign-in to Xbox Live
2. Start Crackdown and receive new Title Update (if you haven’t already) 3. Begin a Single Player Campaign game
4. Once loaded, press Start and choose “Quit”
5. Reboot Crackdown (soft reboot or hard reboot of console)

By following the steps above, this will ensure that your Crackdown experience will be trouble-free. You will then be able to enjoy the new title update features, the “Free-For-All” DLC pack, as well as all the goodies found in the “Getting’ Busy Bonus Pack”.

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