Counterfeit DS Lites Prone to Causing Injury

Remember when the greatest danger you would face from playing video games was that you wasted $50 or so on a bad game?

Nowadays, it seems that there is a greater physical danger, usually involving heat or fire. We’ve heard the stories of the original Xbox catching fire; fortunately, Microsoft fixed that in the 360 by making sure the console kills itself before it kills you. And while slightly less game-related, there are the incidents of Sony laptop batteries exploding.

The latest to join in the carnage? Nintendo. Sort of. It’s actually not so much Nintendo as pirates out of Asia shipping low-priced, counterfeit Nintendo DS Lites with “potentially dangerous” power adaptors out around the world.

‘At best, these consoles would have led to disappointment on Christmas morning. At worst, they could have caused serious harm or injury,’ said HM Revenue & Customs.

‘Buy from a reputable or regulated site and if buying from outside the UK or a new website, research the site.’

Nintendo confirmed the DSs and DS Lites were fake and that it had not produced the adaptors, meaning they had not been electronically tested. —

HM (Her Majesty’s) Revenue & Customs seized hundreds of counterfeit DSes and DS Lites across the UK, but their warning of the endangerment of children’s (and possibly adult’s) lives should be taken into account across other countries as well.

So if you know someone who’s not as familiar with video games as we all likely are, you should probably check and make sure they weren’t taken in by this scam.