Cosplayers of Comic Con

Photos by: Chanh Tang

The San Diego Comic Con is more than a celebration of comic books. It’s a sanctuary for nerds, geeks, and the guy who would rather spend his money on collectibles than leave the nest. It’s a place where no one will make fun of your encyclopedic knowledge of Pokemon. Heck, they might even praise you for it. But, if there’s one aspect of Comic Con that leaves attendees divided, it’s cosplay. You either have it or you don’t, and as you’ll see in our photo-journal, both sides were in full affect.

Nothing wrong with a little cross-dressing when you look like that.

Why didn’t Wario think of that before?

There is way too much awesome in this picture.

I am both creeped out and impressed.

Anywhere else, this would be about the scariest scene imaginable.

20 years from now, when the therapist asks about his childhood…

All good from the shoulders up.

Hands-down one of the best Links I’ve seen.

Are they the real deal? Couldn’t be…

There’s a reason Luke Cage retired that costume, but at least he has the pecs for it.

See? He IS a closet geek. Now, what the heck is Palin doing there?

I don’t know what we’re fighting over, but you win.

Cosplay is hard work.

A shoe-in for a live-action film.

I’ll let this one speak for itself.

I suppose stranger crossovers have happened.

A personal favorite – Ugly Dolls!

They make cosplay look good.

Um… just stay away from my kid.