Cookie & Cream Hops onto DS

Previously on the PlayStation 2, the puzzler/ platformer Cookie & Cream makes its way to the Nintendo DS handheld system.

Players will put themselves in a wacky environment to solve puzzles on their quest to find the moon. The touch screen is used for disarming traps and solving puzzles, while the top screen is used to navigate bunnies. One player can use both rabbits. In a co-op two player mode, both players can choose over Cookie or Cream. If that’s not enough, then a four multiplayer battle over Nintendo Wi-Fi will do the trick.

“Cookie & Cream is a PlayStation 2 game that was – and still is – absolutely original in terms of visuals and gameplay,” said Hide Irie, president of Agetec. “We’re creating something new and innovative for the handheld that captures the wonder of the original. The style of gameplay lends itself perfectly to the Nintendo DS as a single player or cooperative experience.”

Cookie & Cream will be available in 2007. Stay tuned for further updates.