Completing a bank job in Payday 2 on Overkill

Payday 2 is making waves in the gaming community. After getting my latest paycheck I decided to check the game out to see if a life of crime might be worth it.

After a few botched robberies I was starting to think my days as a safe crackin' badass were numbered. Even though my educational back ground and GPA would suggest I should take well to this sort of thing. Sadly, I was still tripping alarms and popping more exclimation marks then your little brother playing Metal Gear.

Just when I thought I was going to hang up my mask I got a good lesson from a friendly criminal in Payday 2. A big thank you to Lithcause for showing us the ropes!

1. Try to buy camera hack before start.
2. If no camera (this vid) 1 person stands on sides of the building and calls out guard movements.
3. Perks to have, cleaner, intimidate, smooth talker.
4. Try to take guards out then get security door key.
5. Disable cams.
6. Jammer on Teller wall
7. Knock out tellers
8. Lock everyone down. Down t let them press the panic buttons.

NOTE: Silenced pistols can still be heard outside and on roof. Use Melee for people and cams.