Combat Arms Content Updates

Taking to arms and venturing back into the online arenas of Combat Arms, it was time to see what new content was available in Combat Arms. If you’re thinking, “Combat Arms? Never heard of it.” Well allow me to help you catch up: It is a free-to-play arena-based shooter from Nexon. We provided our full review earlier this year in case you needed to hear our impressions before the update.

Now, just because it’s free doesn’t mean Nexon neglects the game, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. There were two big recent updates. Each one adds a new map and many different items to help you raise your kill/death ratio.

The 7/28 content update let players enter Sector 25, which also happens to be the 25th map. The laboratory is more like a labyrinth rather than a straightforward map. It is however symmetrical and has a description that reads:

“After the spread of a malicious virus, scientists at the Nemesis Research Lab quickly began to develop an antidote. Within six months, they had an antidote prototype ready for a clinical demonstration. However, while waiting for the demonstration, the lab was attacked. You must annihilate the enemies and protect the antidote sample.”

The 8/24 patch brought forth the Dredge map, which is a sewer map. It is the first map to introduce breakable walls; an attribute that is indicated by having the word “break” graffitied on them. The map description reads:

“Terrorists are plotting to blow up the city by setting up an elaborate system of bombs in the city’s sewer system. Just as the terrorists are about to execute their plan, they are discovered and the army is brought in.”

Along with these two updates come some new and useful items as well as nifty features to look out for. New NX items, which are microtransaction items, include: the tracking knife, the FS2000 SMG, Ultimax 100 machine gun, ballistic helmet, the epic Barons M416. One item stands out above all: the new KDR / HP Vision. It brings up an opponent’s kill / death ratio as well as their current hit points when they are in the sights of the player. This piece of equipment can be invaluable for people who aim to raise their ranks faster.

The new YouTube uploading feature is a handy tool that lets anyone capture their epic kill moments, as well as cheaters and hackers who tend to sneak onto the servers from time to time. Other game fixes include gun re-balancing as well as bug and server fixes to ensure smoother gameplay.

If you haven’t yet took up arms, and are looking to get your competitive online shooter fix, give Combat Arms a shot. The downloader can be found right here at GameZone.